Web Design for Entrepreneurs: Your Starter Guide!

Is your website working for your brand and business? Maybe you have a business that’s running pretty well now. You have a simple design for your brand and you have a running website. Having said that, let’s take a moment to really think about where your brand and business are at now. Is your website […]

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity Design for Entrepreneurs

Do you feel aligned with your brand? As a woman entrepreneur, it’s tough to feel like your brand doesn’t resonate with you anymore. This isn’t a fun spot to be in. You would look at your website, your logo, and your packaging, and you just don’t feel like it represents who you are anymore. And […]

An Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Brand Strategy

Upgrading your brand requires more than upgrading your visuals   Have you ever felt like you have a lot of ideas for your brand but you don’t know where to start and how to drive conversions for your business? Perhaps you have more than just ideas in your pocket. Maybe you have tried to plan […]

Creating Brand Messaging That Connects With Your Customers

Great brand messaging is difficult to define but easy to see. Brands that get it right benefit from higher revenue, greater customer loyalty and better brand recall. But what is brand messaging?  It’s more than what you say and where you say it. Effective brand messaging rolls the who, what, where, when and (most importantly) […]