The Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity Design for Women Entrepreneurs

Do you feel aligned with your brand? As a woman entrepreneur, it’s tough to feel like your brand doesn’t resonate with you anymore. This isn’t a fun spot to be in. You would look at your website, your logo, and your packaging, and you just don’t feel like it represents who you are anymore. And […]

A Women Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Brand Strategy

Upgrading your brand requires more than upgrading your visuals   Have you ever felt like you have a lot of ideas for your brand but you don’t know where to start and how to drive conversions for your business? Perhaps you have more than just ideas in your pocket. Maybe you have tried to plan […]

Creating Brand Messaging That Connects With Your Customers

Great brand messaging is difficult to define but easy to see. Brands that get it right benefit from higher revenue, greater customer loyalty and better brand recall. But what is brand messaging?  It’s more than what you say and where you say it. Effective brand messaging rolls the who, what, where, when and (most importantly) […]

How Much Should a Logo Design Cost?

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Logos work harder than you might think at first glance. A professionally designed logo is immediately recognisable, memorable, unique and trustworthy. Of course, you can pay very little for a simple logo. Or, like ANZ, you could pay M&C Saatchi $15 million to refresh your image. From DIY designs to free online generators to multimillion-dollar […]

How to Develop a Unique & Memorable Brand Identity in 2022


The Importance of Creating a Strong Brand Identity It’s no secret success is tough to find in today’s competitive business environment. Followers are a fickle breed, so whether you run a small agency or a national ecommerce brand, a unique brand identity is so important for not only attracting customers, but keeping them! Brand identity […]

5 Actionable Strategies for Social Media Branding


Branding in the Age of Social Media Remember life before social media? Neither do we! These online platforms forced a kind of revolution onto companies’ marketing strategies; all of sudden there’s a way to speak to customers directly, and promote products at the same time. An advertising exec’s ‘dream come true’! We all know that […]

Tips and tricks that make life easier for your clients

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Once we’ve finished working on a project for a customer, they often don’t know what to do next. If its graphics, they aren’t sure what to do next, and if it’s a website, they aren’t sure how to check the analytics. This results in un-needed friction between our clients and us worsening the relationship. Tips […]

How to get your content to reach more people with SEO keywords

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You’ve begun creating content for social media but can’t seem to get it to reach people on the platforms you use. Search engine optimization or SEO is important to get your website in front of potential clients and customers when it comes to social media, specifically Instagram, hashtags are just as important. How to choose […]

Want to stand out on social media? A re-brand will help you

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Ever feel like you don’t want to show off your brand or tell people about it? This could mean you are no longer a fan of your own branding. The best thing to do in these situations is to take a step back and ask yourself if a re-branding can help the problem. Every brand […]

Unified branding is key to a successful business

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It’s important to have unified branding that spans over everything your company business uses or does to make customers more comfortable when interacting with your brand. By this, I mean having the same logo and colours across your social media accounts, website, and physical products. Recent branding client We recently worked on the branding of […]