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Do I really need brand strategy? 10 signs to look for!

When was the last time you took a step back and think about the big picture for your brand and business?


As entrepreneurs, service providers, and coaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running your business. The to-do lists just don’t seem to end!!


Managing staff, handling customer inquiries, keeping up with finances, taking care of your kids, creating content, replying people on social media, and maybe even planning that family vacation you’ve postponed 3 times… it’s like close to CHAOS! A constant go-go-go with no breaks in between.


So, when was the last time you evaluated all the efforts you put in your business? Do you know if what you do is actually working? Are you really attracting the people you want to work with?


The missing piece you need to get that clarity is brand strategy.



What is brand strategy?


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If you’re anything like me, you know that visuals are important. You want a brand that looks good and that you feel confident about.


But let’s be real, it’s not just about looks! You want a brand that feels fully aligned with who you are and what your customers need.


So what you really want is to craft a brand that feels fully aligned with who you are and what your customers need. This will establish your brand credibility and attract your dream clients!


With brand strategy, it’s not just figuring out how to design your brand, but it’s about establishing a roadmap that will guide your journey in building your brand and business.


Through brand strategy, you go deep to uncover what makes you unique, what your magic is, and how you can show that through your brand. It is the bridge that connects you, your goals, and your customers.


Brand strategy sets the foundation for you to craft a credible brand


Why is brand strategy so important in the first place?


Well, for one thing, it helps you stand out from the competition.


In a crowded marketplace, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Brand strategy gives you the clarity about what makes you YOU, and therefore you can show up as who you are, take ownership of what uniqueness and stand out in the market.


So when you have a solid brand strategy set at the foundation, you are on your way to craft a credible brand!


In a world where customers are dealing with information overload and wanting to invest their resources in something that’s worth their effort, trust is your currency. Credibility matters so much! It’s the key that will convert your customers.


What they want to see is you core values and beliefs.


They want to know why you are the ONE who can solve their needs and the ONE they can go to all the time! It’s beyond just about selling a product or service, but building a relationship with your customers based on shared values.


It’s not just about standing out, it’s also about building trust.



When you have a clear brand identity, you create a sense of consistency and reliability that your customers can count on. They know what to expect from your business, and they trust that you’ll deliver. This is it, this is what crafting a credible brand is about!


So, are you wondering whether you need brand strategy now? Look at the 10 signs below and let’s evaluate where you’re at in your business.



10 signs that you need brand strategy for your business now:


1. You don’t feel like you’re getting enough clients


2. You don’t feel like you’re achieving your brand goals


3. You’ve been around for a few years but you’re still not sure how to position yourself in the market


4. You’re not sure what services you want to provide


5. You feel like you’re not showing up for your brand


6. You want to level up but you don’t know how


7. You don’t know what sets you apart from your competitors


8. You are not attracting your dream clients


9. You don’t feel confident about your brand visuals and experience


10. You’re unsure about what values you stand for



Want to start crafting a credible brand and attracting your dream clients?


Evaluating your brand, coming up with brand strategies, and rebranding your business are big steps you can take as entrepreneurs to grow your brand.


You don’t have to do this alone, we’re here for you to be a part of that journey!


Let’s dive into your brand strategy and connect the dots in your brand, so you can show up in an authentic way to attract your loyal fans! Let’s craft your brand together. Schedule your free discovery call with me now!





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