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Building a brand that you’re proud of and why brand strategy matters

Is brand strategy worth the investment?

Here at Platinum99 we’ve spent years working with service providers and coaches, and we often here them say things like…

“I’m just a small business owner, should I invest THIS much in my branding? That’s a LOT of money!”


“I’m not sure if this brand strategy thing is what my business needs at the moment, will this be worth it?”


“I have invested in a web, logo, and social media designer, do I have to invest in brand strategy again?


Yes, we get it.

When you’ve given so much for your brand and business, poured out your heart and soul into it, it’s not wonder that you want to make sure what you do next is really worth it. It’s even more crucial when you have been spending money and resources but you haven’t seen the results you want.


If you’ve asked those questions before, then you can relate to the doubts that so many entrepreneurs have about investing in brand strategy. So will brand strategy be an investment worth making?


In this article, our hope is to give your more clarity on why brand strategy matters, what the purpose of brand strategy really is, and what things you will get if you decide to invest in your own brand strategy. Curious to know more? Keep reading…

Defining Brand Strategy: What’s the real deal with Brand Strategy?

Think of it as the bridge and vehicle between where you are now and where you want to be. The recipe to a cake you want to make. You have big dreams and big visions for your brand and business, but you need to know how to actually get there. This is what brand strategy is. Brand strategy is a plan that explains the process of how your brand and business can reach its goals.

Every brand and business needs a solid strategy at its foundation to get to where it wants to be.

But to know how to get somewhere (a.k.a. your goals, dreams, and visions), you need to understand where you are now. The challenges you are facing, the roadblocks that are stopping you from where you can be, the people you would love to work with, the problems out there that you brand can uniquely solve… these are all important things you want to dive into when you develop your brand strategy. And at Platinum99, this is what we talk about in our workshops.


A good, strong brand knows its personality and purpose. To translate this into the brand experience, you need to first develop a strategy that is based on what’s at the core of your brand. Visuals that look good alone won’t make your brand memorable. It’s the story, it’s the strategy, it’s EVERYTHING behind the visuals and experience that make your brand one of its kind.


      ✨ The challenge is, it’s really hard to figure out your brand strategy on your own. As an entrepreneur, you know this—you already have A LOT on your plate.


While you’re passionate about what you do and you want to keep doing it, it’s hard to bring your business to the next level without clarity. because we know honesty + confidence from knowing your shit is the best combination.


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Brand strategy gives you clarity and focus

So what’s really the purpose of brand strategy? You see, brand strategy matters because brand strategy gives you clarity and focus—maybe 2 of the most important things you can ask for when you want to grow a brand. Clarity means you know the best decisions to take. You have clear filters on what moves your brand forward. And that also means you know where you put your resources in.


Knowing your vision, your differentiators, and your dream clients means you can show up in your brand and business with confidence. Not just this “fake it til’ you make it” kind of confidence, but deep confidence from the inside. It means you have clarity on what you should or should not do next, and you know what will move your business forward.


Your brand strategy is like your north star that helps you stay rooted to what you brand really is about. It keeps you anchored to your dream clients, to the problems your brand get to solve, and to the goals you want to accomplish. It’s like your GPS, the one that shows you the unique route you can take to help you get to your destination.

Brand strategy reminds you that your brand is beyond just visuals

Here’s another thing that brand strategy does. It reminds you that your brand is SO MUCH BIGGER than just visuals. Let us repeat that: your brand is BEYOND just visuals.


While it is true that a part of your brand will include your logo, web design, packaging design, and social media posts, you have bigger things to worry about. Your brand is one BIG experience at every touch point you can think of.


Your products, your services, your visuals, your email marketing sequence.. everything plays a part to building your brand. When you have your brand strategy, it reminds you to see everything with a bird’s eye view.


To constantly come back to your goals and the dream clients you want to attract, and to make sure everything you do builds your brand credibility. Brand strategy keeps you rooted in this mindset and perspective.

Brand strategy helps your brand experience stay aligned and consistent

Now let’s take a step back and evaluate your brand experience. Look at every page of your website, your social media posts, your campaigns, and everything that you have in your brand that represents your brand. Is everything aligned? Does everything feel like it’s coming from one cohesive brand?


The thing is, it’s not easy to keep things aligned and consistent. With so many moving parts, you need a clearly defined “North Star” to keep everyone on the same page and moving towards the same vision. This is why brand strategy is sooooooo important.


When you have defined your brand strategy, you can see that working on your business means aligning every aspect of your brand beyond just the visuals. You want to offer your customers a cohesive brand experience, and the thread that will combine everything here is your brand strategy.


Having a brand strategy at the foundation of your brand means your team members know how the brand needs to show up. They know how to treat customers, they know what belongs in site or not, and they know the values that makes your brand unique.

Brand strategy guides your action steps

You feel good when you know what to do next. You feel relieved and empowered when you know what you’re about to do is for sure going to get you closer to your goals. This is the kind of confidence that will grow your brand to reach your dream clients.


It’s no fun when you feel you’re in the dark about what’s best for your brand and business. And it’s even more overwhelming when you have all these ideas coming at you, all these campaigns that you could possibly do, but you’re unclear about how all these ideas can be translated and executed into your brand.


The common thread that can you help you make good decisions for your brand is your brand strategy. When you have your strategy defined, your goals outlined, and your dream clients identified, it’s easy to map out your action steps. It’s easy to filter out what will get you closer to your vision because you have clarity on what works for your brand.


No more assumptions about what to do next. Everything is rooted strategically on your dream clients, your goals and visions, and your resources. It sounds like a dream! But it’s possible. And to get there, you need brand strategy at the foundation.

Want to work on your brand strategy but not sure where to start?

We are here for you! Our mission is to encourage and empower you to become confident brand leaders. You are the reason why Platinum 99 exists ❤️


Your visions and dreams for your brand matter, so we want to help you get the clarity you need to move forward with confidence. How can we do that? Through brand strategy.


Let’s unpack your brand’s key differentiators, find out who your ideal customers are, and analyse your competitive landscape. Let’s map out the clear path for you to reach your BIG brand goals!


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