Platinum 99

We are a digital design company based in Perth, Western Australia with a highly experienced team from around the world.

Our team is committed to creating innovative digital design solutions to help businesses great and small to realise their full advertising potential.

We will work with you to create logos, websites, social media banners and signage to ensure your business looks as good, or even better than you want it to!

Feel free to contact us to ask questions or discuss anything else you might need today!

Meet Praveen Vaswani

Praveen is the Brand and Marketing Manager of Platinum 99. 

She moved to Perth in 2018, when she began her journey at P99. It’s been one hell of a ride, learning, growing, creating and designing.

What she loves most about her job is the team – we are a bunch of crazies who complement each other oh so well!

Other than the love for her job – she loves children, coffee, chocolate and chillies!

As a brand strategist, I’m here to look at your brand and your
business from the eyes of an “outsider” so that I can put myself in the client’s shoes and help you deliver a memorable brand experience.

As someone who has built many brands before and who has also
been in your shoes, I’m on a mission to help all small business owners who are invested in their business take it to the next level!

To start off this journey we begin with a brand strategy which gives you a roadmap with all the steps towards reaching your goals. Then we will craft your brand’s messaging, positioning, content and more, so that your audience clearly understands your offering.

I will be with you throughout the process so that you have a clear path to building your brand and your business.

Together, we will bring your brand to life.


After we cover the crucial part of vision casting and brand strategy, we are ready to work on the look and feel. 

Here’s where we bring your brand to life!

Brand strategy

Strategy is at the core of everything we do. We’ll take you through step-by-step to create a brand that becomes the engine driving steady growth.​

Brand design

We’ll help you communicate your brand with a fresh logo, bold typography, unique brand colours and memorable brand visuals.

Web design

Platinum 99 delivers powerful, affordable WordPress and Shopify websites, plus a range of eCommerce solutions to help you generate online sales.

Packaging design

Stand out on a crowded shelf and give your customers a tangible experience they’ll love to share. Product packaging design is a powerful tool to build brand loyalty.