About Platinum99

Welcome to Platinum 99!!

We are a digital branding company based in Perth, Western Australia. We help women in health, wellness, and fitness transform into confident brand leaders through brand strategy and design.

Your visions and dreams for your brand MATTER, so we want to help you a brand that lasts and actually grows your business. We believe good design isn’t enough to build a brand that thrives. It needs to be rooted in a solid foundation, and that foundation is brand strategy.

Let’s unpack your brand’s key differentiators, find out who your ideal customers are, and analyze your competitive landscape. We got you!! Together we’ll establish the strategy you need to reach your brand goals with confidence!

Meet Praveen Vaswani

Hi, I’m the Brand and Marketing Manager of Platinum 99.

Hi, I’m the Brand and Marketing Manager of Platinum 99.

I moved to Perth in 2018 and that’s when I began my journey at P99. It’s been one hell of a ride—learning, growing, creating and designing.

What I love most about my job is my team. We are a bunch of crazies who complement each other oh so well!

Other than that, I love my kids, coffee, chocolate and chillies!!! ❤️

As a brand strategist, I’m here to look at your brand and your business from the eyes of an “outsider” so that I can put myself in your customer’s shoes and help you deliver a memorable brand experience.

I’ve built many brands before and I’ve also been in your shoes, so now I’m on a mission to help all small business owners who are invested in their business take it to the next level!

I want you to feel confident and empowered to grow your brand into a health, wellness, and fitness industry leader!!

To start off this journey, we begin with brand strategy which gives you a roadmap with all the steps towards reaching your goals. Then we will craft your brand’s messaging, positioning, content and more, so that your audience clearly understands your offering.

I will be with you throughout the process so that you have a clear path to building your brand and your business.

Together, we will bring your brand to life. Are you READY?

Our core values


We love to have fun and make a big deal of each other’s success. We want to radiate encouragement and empowerment to everyone we work with.


We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures. Here is a safe space to learn and be who you are. Everyone’s unique story is worth celebrating!


We believe that every client and team member deserve the best that we can give for them. We’re accountable to each other and communicate clearly at every step. 

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design

Packaging Design

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We got you!!! Get the clarity and direction you need to achieve your BIG, brand goals with confidence.