creativity free apps

Top 5 free apps to stimulate creativity during isolation

Guys! The brain is a muscle right?, So if you don't use it- you'll lose it! We have been trying to keep our minds active with a few free creativity apps. We want to share these apps with you guys to make being in isolation a little more bearable ...
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Dark mode wallpapers Whatsapp

Dark mode wallpapers for WhatsApp

Dark mode has recently taken off with many of the apps we use every day supporting dark mode in one way or another. iOS and Android also have dark mode built right into them as well. Today we will be focusing on WhatsApp and sharing some wallpapers that go perfectly with WhatsApp's built-in dark mode ...
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What the Font


Do we need to elaborate more on the importance of choosing the right fonts? You publish content to increase the awareness of your brand and achieve higher conversions. Fonts matter just as much as the content you publish. Quality content that engages your audience should always be a top priority. But if the appearance of the letters in your words ...
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Guidelines for your Brand

Some Guidelines

Most organizations use brand guidelines as a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand. Brand guidelines can contain sections on: Brand identity (mission, core values, personality, tone, elevator pitch, etc.) Brand assets and the appropriate use of them (logo, colour palette, typeface, spacing, backgrounds, etc.) Brand guidelines are a very useful resource when rebranding or starting a ...
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Colour psychology

Colour psychology can be useful for marketing. Understanding how your target audience feels or reacts to certain colours will help you in your selection. Below you will find a list of colours and how they are commonly perceived. However you MUST identify your target audience before using colour psychology for your marketing efforts. Black is a popular colour in retail ...
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