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Taking Ownership of Your Brand: The Key to Stand Out in the Market

Have you ever looked at your competitors and thought, “What makes my service-based business different?”

You might think ‘my competitors have niches, more experience, witty messaging, and gorgeous branding…what makes my service-based business stand out?


You’re not alone!! I’ve been there too.


It can be intimidating sometimes when we see other brands and businesses succeeding when we feel stuck in our business. But the truth is, you have something those other businesses don’t have.


You have your own unique magic!!


You find your magic by getting into the core of your brand!

But what if you don’t know what makes you unique?


Maybe you don’t feel like you have that clarity in your brand and business. All this time, you’ve been feeling more stuck than inspired when it comes to working on your brand. It’s like you’re going on autopilot all the time…


This is a challenge that so many entrepreneurs face!


It’s hard to discover your brand differentiators when you don’t have clarity about who you are and who you serve. And it becomes even more challenging when you keep looking to other businesses, to what’s trending and what everyone else is doing—thinking that if you could do those things too, you would stand out.


The key to standing out and differentiating your brand isn’t found in what everyone else is doing or what’s most trending right now. You find them from within.


You find them by getting to the core of your brand and translating that into a brand experience that you are proud of!!


Why You Need to Start with Brand Strategy


To stand out in the market, you need a brand that is cohesive and consistent at every touch point; a brand that translates the heart behind the business into every aspect of what you do inside and out. A brand that truly shows your personality and values!


The key is to your unique magic is harnessing it through in-depth brand strategy, competitor research, and internal reflections. This is how you can discover your brand’s differentiators.‍


💡 Read more about crafting a brand you’re proud of and why brand strategy matters!


In a brand strategy workshop, you can understand your brand goals, solidify your vision, get to know your super fans, and translate all those insights into a memorable, unique brand experience!


It is when you have this clarity through brand strategy that you’ll be able to embrace your brand differentiators and embody them in your brand experience. This is your inner magic!!


It’s about your personality, your process, your services, your unique super fans. Your differentiators are those things.


They’re the unique factors that come together to make you stand out in a saturated market, guide your messaging, and help you resonate with your audience.


 💡 Need some help discovering what that thing is for your brand? Check out Platinum99’s 4 ways to differentiate your service-based business!



Here’s how it looks like when you’re taking ownership of your brand and business:

You are laser-focused on your values and your brand’s core identity


One of the most powerful ways to differentiate your business is by being yourself. You know you’re taking ownership of your brand when you’re not afraid to inject your own unique style and voice into your branding.


This can include everything from your website copy to your social media posts. The point is you are 100% unapologetic about your values and what you stand for!


You’re not busy looking at what everyone else is doing, and instead you are focused on how to be the best in what you do.



You have your own unique framework and process that you’re proud of


Your framework is your foundation. It’s what makes your business unique. Your framework and your process shows who you really are and what you believe. It’s the journey that you are taking your super fans on!


When you’re proud of this process, you will also show confidence when you serve your super fans. You will know how to provide the best service for them and continue to attract like-minded super fans to your business!



You feel confident about your brand visuals and experience


This is big. Taking ownership of your brand means you love the way your brand shows up. You love the way it looks and the way it makes your audience feels.


You can’t show up with confidence if you don’t feel proud about your brand experience.


The way you can build a brand experience that aligns with your brand core is to start with brand strategy. This will be your solid foundation, the common thread that links every touch point into a cohesive experience that connects with your audience.


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You are offering services that you’re passionate about


It’s important to focus on the services that you’re truly passionate about. You can’t get people to be excited about what they can accomplish through working with you if you’re not passionate about what you do.


It comes back to being unapologetic with your values and feeling proud about your process. It goes back to having clarity about who you are and how you can help your tribe!


Offering services that you’re passionate about means you are being true to who you are as a brand and business, and by doing that you are differentiating yourself in the market!


There’s only ONE YOU and that makes YOU special.

You have clarity about the next steps to grow the business


Taking ownership of your brand and standing out in the market mean you also know what to do next in your business.


You don’t want to be unique in the market for just one moment, but you want this positioning to be sustainable. You want to have an ongoing relationship with your loyal fans and continue attracting more super fans!


Brand strategy will help you get clarity on this because not only does it set you on a firm foundation to craft your brand experience, but it maps out the action steps you need to take to keep growing your business.



It all starts with brand strategy!


Do you want to find your inner magic, connect the dots in your brand, and show up in an authentic way to attract your loyal fans? Let’s craft your brand together. Schedule your free discovery call with me now!





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