Brand Strategy

Get clarity about who you are, who your ideal customers are, and how you can connect with them

In a world full of distractions, the clearest, most resonant brand always wins.

To gain traction, you need to stick in people’s minds.


But, it’s hard to be memorable if your brand is sending mixed messages.


Our branding services  are crafted to assist you in discovering your identity. We create unified messages and visuals that your entire team can confidently communicate.


Our design process


Dig deep into your ‘WHY’

and define your brand


Get to know your ideal

customers and their needs


Map out the action steps

to reach your brand goals.


Build a brand identity

that aligns with your

vision for the business


Launch your brand

and connect with

your ideal customers


Get ongoing support

as you grow your brand

and scale your business


I know, you want a brand that looks good and that you feel confident about.


But let’s be real, it’s not just about looks! You want a brand that feels fully aligned with who you are AND what your customers need.


With brand strategy, it’s not just figuring out how to design your brand, but it’s about establishing a roadmap that will guide your journey in building your brand and business.


We’ll uncover what makes you unique, what your magic is, and how you can show that through your brand. It is the bridge that connects you, your goals, and your customers.

P99's Brand Strategy Framework

Part 1


  • Discover your vision
  • Find your why
  • Define goals
Part 2

Brand Attributes

  • Discuss brand attributes
  • Create brand identity board
Part 3

Target Audience

  • Define target audience
  • Conduct user research
  • Create persona from research insights
Part 4


  • Discover the brand gaps and opportunities
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Define the brand positioning

Starting from A$3500 + GST

Our Work

See Platinum 99’s strategic branding solutions in action


Here’s the deal: If your brand was a car, your logo would be the colour of the paint. In the grand scheme of things, your logo is only a tiny fraction of your whole brand. For it to work the way it’s supposed to, it needs a whole load of other strategic elements like fonts, colours, and graphics to support it and to create a cohesive look and feel. That’s why I don’t offer logos by themselves — without the strategy and other stuff to support it, you’d probably be back in under a year to get a new one, and that’s not what I’m about

Strategy is the invisible glue that holds the whole ‘brand’ thing together. When design is all about solving problems, it’s hard to find the right answer without asking the right questions — so strategy comes first, always. Brand Strategy lets us solve your problems and determine your goals at the core instead of doing pretty things just ‘cause they look nice.

Sure do. I take a 50% down payment before we start, but if you let me know you’d like a payment plan when you get in touch, we’ll work out a schedule that suits you. Ownership of any deliverables stays with me until payment’s made in full, but after that — it’s all yours

We would need to get on a call and figure this out. Everyone is in very different stages of their business, once we chat I would then be able to figure out if we need the full strategy or just parts of it. Schedule a call here

You won’t *need* to, but if you want help, I’ll be here. I’ll stay in touch and check in regularly as you implement your new branding, and if you have any questions or brag-worthy moments you want to share (I *love* hearing wins from my clients), I’m always just an email or a call away.

This depends on the size/duration of your project, and my availability. I’m usually booked about 2-3 weeks in advance though, so if you’re itching to get started ASAP, fill out my client application form and let’s get you booked in!

Other Services

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Client Love

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Praveen spent sooo much time talking to me about my brand and where I am headed. She is so great with words and managed to put everything I wanted to say about my brand in words that I would've never come up with myself. Her company created our branding colours, logo and strategies in a portfolio that is ready for me to use professionally. She has also given me advise on many other business strategies outside of the branding scope, for which I am very grateful for. Thank you Praveen and Platinum99. 🙂
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I would highly recommend Platinum99’s service. We got them to design our food labels for our product packaging. Praveen and her team went above and beyond to provide an exceptional service. She understood what our needs are and came up with mood board suggestions. She’s easy to deal with and was onboard with various changes to the design. She was also able yo recommend printing company to us so that we could have our labels printed. We are very happy with the design and would ask them to do all our future designs.
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Absolutely loved working with Praveen. She treated our business like her own, and didn't compromise on any aspect. Super happy with the quality of work and customer service. Will def work with them again in the future.
Jade Marinivh
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Cannot recommend Praveen enough! She helped me get myself out of a situation with my designs in such a timely manner and went above and beyond to make everything perfect! If you are looking for an expert you are in the right place!
Caroline Suherman
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I’ve engaged Platinum 99 on several occasions for different projects and all the results are always on point, if not above and beyond expectations. The team is friendly, accommodating and they strife for perfection. Praveen the spearhead has exceptional communication skills, delivers results under time constraints. One stop go for all web and graphic design needs, with premium results in reasonable prices.
Phillip Hutchison (Phill)
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I have just completed my journey with the team at Platinum 99 ( I met Praveen at a business huddle and got a nice "vibe") ... so decided to commission their services and have been pleasantly rewarded. The pricing was excellent, as was the final result … I look forward to working with them in the future should the need arise … a friendly, very accommodating and profession team that is highly committed to customer satisfaction. I'm very glad I followed my instincts to choose these guys 🙏🙌👍.
Wylde Indigo
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Great little company. Creative and inspiring Graphic Designer. Solid business and finance advice. Online marketing audits and analysis. Platinum 99 provided a prompt, quality service and demonstrated a genuine care in wanting their clients to achieve future success.

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