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What happens when your business feels aligned to who you are as a person and the impact you want to make?
Literally MAGIC.
Because once you can communicate your special sauce, you stand out.
The life brought into this brand exists and is portrayed here because of the life the biz owner has and the work she does.
But how do we vacuum this?

We started off with a brand strategy where we cover these areas:


  • Really getting to know how to communicate our brand in a way that squeezes the uniqueness out of us and being true to who we are.

  • Focus on which services to be known for and how to price them.

  • Have a brand plan to stay organised including me as an accountability bud.

  • Learning where we can market and collaborate intentionally to drive most impact.

  • Know what to say no to – the things that don’t light you up so you can say YES to the things that will actually drive profit for your business.

  • Market research and understanding the client! If you don’t know what your ideal client wants, how can you give it to them?

  • Know our clients objections so that we can create marketing material, sales pages, capability decks that highlight our strengths


This process is the backbone of our design, it may seem like the boring part but it is the quickest path to success, not just because a mentor will have already achieved what you want to accomplish, but also because it can be hard to see your own blindspots, and having someone point them out can save you months or years of wasted effort!


Once we know what our brands DNA is, we communicate it through our visuals, messaging, and marketing.

Would you like to build your brand too?


Why partner with Platinum 99?

They say good things come in small packages. That’s certainly true here at Platinum 99.
We’re a local team of design and creative experts dedicated to helping small businesses transform their brands.

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