Multiframe Media

Multiframe Media Multiframe media have been in the photography industry for a while now under a different name.

 They had a vision to share their passion and expand their clientele but needed guidance and clarity on how to do so.

 They came to us wanting help in rebranding their business, and reposition themselves as the […]

Rad Reels

Rad Reels This client is a service-based business that has been operating for about a year. After deciding that she wanted to create a new product suite, she approached us for help with branding her new membership to help her stand out and attract customers for her launch. We are so obsessed with the brand […]

Pawty Co

Pawty Co Pawty Co came to us as she was confused with her brand. She had trouble coming up with colours, typography and elements that would represent her business. We came in to help her create a set of branding guidelines that embodied Pawty Co as a fun pet accessories brand.  We also created social media […]


SportsGuru restaurant bar café

SportsGuru SportsGuru came to us to build a gaming app. It all sounded cool and fun, but a lot of research and testing needed to be done before releasing it. Together with our clients, we came up with a name and transformed it into a brand. We did lots of research on colours used in […]

Bannister Fitness

Logo development and graphic design for Bannister Fitness | Platinum 99

Bannister Fitness Bannister Fitness came to us to create a logo for a bodybuilding gym. A muscular bull wearing a Spartan helmet was the perfect character to represent their business. The character is both bull and Spartan – both heroic fighter and untamed beast. This of course symbolises strength and power – the Spartan taming […]

Mortar & Pestle

Branding strategy and graphic design for Mortar & Pestle Indonesian Meal Kits | Platinum 99

Mortar & Pestle This client came to us for the full branding experience of her new Indonesian meal kits. We helped build her brand from scratch, even helping with the name. She wanted her branding to be both traditional and modern to appeal to the Western buyer. To begin the branding process we did extensive […]