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We are so obsessed with the brand design for the Rad Reels Membership! 🤩

Our branding process is not about designing something that we think you will like.

It is a collaborative process where we listen and understand what you want, what your audience wants, and create something that reflects who you are as a business and its communication towards your audience.

This design reflects Gen’s friendly, artsy and quirky personality but also her approachable and reliable nature. Now she can share with the world her magic, connect with her audience on a deeper level and add that “younique” personality into her branding so that she can stand out from the crowd and have fun doing it!

Congratulations on your membership Gen! 😍

 If you need help in creating engaging Reels and finding Reel ideas that you can apply to your business while saving time, check out her membership!! So much value and super affordable!

DM us if you have a project, product or service that you would like to launch and need some design help with!

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