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We did lots of research on colours used in sports, their audience, demographics, their buyer persona, their strengths, and their weaknesses. But most importantly we needed to figure out their point of difference. After three weeks of in-depth research, we came up with SportsGuru!

The UI/UX Design of the app had to be clear and concise. Ultimately, it is the UX/UI Design of the application that improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that helps increase the number of users. UI and UX Design help to win the consumers’ confidence and make them use the application or website with ease.

Our software team built the backend of the app, constantly trying and testing until version 1 was ready to be released. This was an exciting time for all of us! We were so thrilled that the project was completed with the whole team giving it their best. Especially when we saw our clients with such big smiles.

Sports guru has now been upgraded to version 3.0 – all this done by the team at Platinum 99!


Meet the one of the most sports betting platform in Indonesia. This is their story of coming back to their roots and reviving a business that was in crisis due to the pandemic.

What if the best thing you can do for your business is go back to what’s most fundamental: genuine, human interaction?

Sports Guru has been around for more than 10 years. Through the decade, they have grown their community from interacting with a very small group of players into well-established digital platform that is worth millions of dollars.

Their strategy was working well until the pandemic hit and suddenly, all the games were suspended! There were no sport games to bet on. It was a huge ‘crisis mode’ because being known as a platform for sports betting, Sports Guru were losing people. A LOT of people.

They realised they had to change their mindset and approach to get back the customers they want to reach. The answer to that was to go back to genuine human interaction.

The upgrade from text messages to an advanced, well-built digital app wasn’t working anymore

Years ago, when Sports Guru decided to transform their betting platform from a WhatsApp-based business into a digital-app based community, they grew into the biggest betting platform in Indonesia. They were able to host players and provide a betting experience unlike any other platform out there. Unfortunately, everything changed when covid hit.

With WhatsApp, everything was relationship-based. They had direct interaction with the team from Sports Guru. With a digital App, that interaction disappeared. It was easier for Sports Guru team to handle the volume of players who were betting through the App, but it wasn’t the same relationship as it was back then.

They lost many people in the funnel who were not tech-y. People who were older, into sports, and wanted to bet, but had little interest to leave what they’ve always known: text messaging and connecting with other people.

Going back to the core of the brand and business: People and connection

What got lost was that human connection.

When we dived deeper into Sports Guru strategy, starting the business from WhatsApp worked really well. Everyone in Indonesia used WhatsApp and people loved having a conversation with the team from Sports Guru and genuinely connecting with them!!

They felt seen, heard, and valued. This success was exactly what allowed Sports Guru to grow their reach from manually serving players through WhatsApp into building a multi-million dollar digital platform.

The problem is, while the app was successful, when covid hit and no sport games were on. And without the relationship, Sports Guru couldn’t retain their customers and community. Even though they still had other games outside of sports to bet on—like slots and poker, but they were losing their customers.

Pivoting with the times and evolving with your customers

The key was to pivot with the times and evolve with the customers.

We could have suggested Sports Guru to change their service offerings entirely the way many businesses come simply wanting to do a different thing and upgrade their visuals. Sports Guru could have decided to build a new platform and immediately go to rebranding the whole brand and repositioning. BUT.. instead, we decided to go back to their roots. We decided to dig deep into their origin story and lean into what customers want: human connection.

We found that the best strategy to move forward with was to reconnect with players in the community using WhatsApp once again. So, Sports Guru hired a team of people to be in charged of send out betting reminders, help them strategise, and be their partner as they go through the experience. We abandoned the digital App and stored it in our back-pocket, and focused on conversing with the community of players and ask them how they have been doing.

One decision that made all the difference

The results are AMAZING!

At the beginning of the pandemic, they were so down thinking that they have lost their jobs and the dreams that they have worked so hard over the years to build. But truly what seems like just a 5’ degree change of direction in the brand could make such a big difference in the long run.

There was a moment when they came to us that they didn’t know what to do, but then in the end it’s all about understanding your customers. It’s about really going back to what your customers want from your brand experience, how do they want to be served, and what will make them feel seen and heard.

One decision to go back to the roots of Sports Guru: genuine relationship with players in the betting community through WhatsApp. It definitely made all the difference.

Want to feel confident about your brand and get clear on your brand direction?

Maybe you’re wondering where your next client is coming from and how to communicate your message to them. Or perhaps you don’t know who they are. If this is where you’re at, brand strategy is really essential for you. Know why you exist and know the impact. When you get clear on who you are and who you serve, this will bring you the confidence you need to reach your BIG brand goals!!

We got you and we’re ready to partner with you!

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