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Why your bar or restaurant NEEDS a website in 2020

A website is an important asset to have, especially if you are a bar, restaurant, or café. We find that many people aren’t interested in a website as they think social media and review website is good enough. It’s NOT. Below are some of the reasons we have found to be important over the years.

1. Google is usually the first place a customer will go when looking for a place to eat or for a special occasion. Not having an online presence is equivalent to not having a sign in front of your store.

2. If your answer is, “But I am on Yelp and have some Google Reviews, why do I need a website?” Well, a website allows you to speak directly to your customers. A website allows you to present yourself, your brand, your food.

3. A website allows you to be in control. Yes, you can have a profile on Yelp, but a website helps you to create a feeling of the dining experience. Not only does this allow you to better reach your target customer, but it also gives you full control over the content that your brand represents. Having a website ensures your online presence and unique brand are always up-to-date.

4. With a reservation API, customers can book directly from your homepage. This saves them the hassle of calling you only to find out you are fully booked on a certain time and day. 😞

5. If you offer takeaway or delivery, you can add an online ordering system on your website. So many people order food while on-the-go and multi-tasking, so make things easy for your customers.

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