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Visual Strategy – Fonts

Welcome back to our series on Branding. So far we have finished laying the foundation of our company by giving thought to the what, why, who and how. So how do we now sell our brand to potential buyers? Our second step is with Visual Strategy – Colours.

Did you know the most used font on the internet is Arial with over 600,000 websites using it to date.

Why Are Fonts Important?

Along with colour, the font is often the first thing a potential customer will notice when looking at a company’s logo, products, and other assets. Fonts give off a certain feeling about your brand. For example, Google uses Product Sans, a simple custom-made font for its branding. The font gives off an elegant and minimalistic feel which can be seen throughout the company, products, and services it provides to the world.

How to Choose Your Fonts

Choosing your fonts is an important task that depends on your likes and the type of brand you want to create. First you are going to want to choose your feature font also known as the main font. This will be used on the company’s logo, headings, materials and in its online presence.

An easy way to find a font for your brand is to look at competitors to see what they are using in the same space. This is only for inspiration , you don’t want your brand to be a copycat of another.

Another great way to find a font is to open Microsoft Word, put your brand name in it and go through the list of fonts in it. You can also go to a website like Google Fonts to find more fonts which can easily be used online.

When looking for a second font, it will usually be completely opposite to the main font. This font will also be used in the normal text of everything your brand does. Searching for this font is easier, as you are looking for a simple font which can also be found using the same methods above.

Types of fonts

The two major font classifications used today include Serif and Sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts have flicks at each end of the letters, while Sans-serif fonts forgo the flicks for a more modern feel. Handwritten has also joined as the third which gives off a more handwritten style to the text.

Serif – fonts give off a classic, traditional, and trustworthy feeling for a brand. As Serif was the first font classification brands using it gives the feeling of trustworthiness among its customers. Serif is used more often on printed mediums, such as a book.

Sans-serif – is a recent font classification that came into style in the 19th century and is now a standard font classification on the web. Sans-serif fonts give off a modern, minimal, and clean feeling for a company’s branding.

Handwritten – as the name states, this font classification shows off a handwritten style to your text. It is used by creative brands around the world to give a human touch and creative flare to a brand.

Take a look at the following use of font and colours being used together to evoke certain feelings. Let us know the use of fonts and colours make you feel in the comments below.

  1. The font and colours in this graphic give off a dark, gloomy, and frightening feeling due to the use of dark colours, and jagged font. How does it make you feel?
  2. The use of bright colours and the goofy nature of the font gives off the feeling of happiness, excitement, and joyfulness. How does it make you feel?
  3. The third graphic uses a more modern and simple font a blue background, giving off a calm sophisticated but, sad feeling to it. How does it make you feel?

A key thing to pick up with the above images is that the font used in all match the voice in the image. As an example, the left one uses a sharp and jagged font which helps to make the image come across as dark, gloomy, and frightening.

What colours do you pickup first when looking at a logo? And why do you think you are attracted to these colours?

Let us take a look at text hierarchy. Text that is the largest, outlined and/or bolded will always be what the viewer will read first. This is then followed by the rest of the text with the smallest, least bold and/or text without highlight being read last.

Thanks for reading!

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