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Top 5 free apps to stimulate creativity during isolation

Guys! The brain is a muscle right?, So if you don’t use it- you’ll lose it! We have been trying to keep our minds active with a few free creativity apps. We want to share these apps with you guys to make being in isolation a little more bearable.

Draw it

Draw it is about sketching with others in a competitive environment. Having an option to play and compete against friends makes it really fun! You can even form teams with friends/random people and guess each other’s drawings. Kids can learn to improve their art and communication skills by sketching words in a very creative way!

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Magic Hat Physics Puzzles

Each game level presents a smart physics puzzle for your brain. The trick is to get the perfect angle, velocity, and timing to land the ball in the hat. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle.

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Analyze your thoughts and structure them. The unique free lay-out allows you to organize your ideas exactly how you want it. Horizontal, Vertical, Top-down and List Auto layout, perfect for brainstorming!

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This is a playful app that makes it easy to create abstract art and to design unique graphic images. Every tool, large or small, has a learning curve. You must learn how to use a powerful creation tool, but when you are required to focus too much on the tool you break your flow of creativity.

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This easy sketching app will seem appealing to designers, illustrators, painters, artists, and general art lovers. So with it, you can effortlessly create masterpieces, find that perfect colour or shade, use layers to create complex drawings, which you can easily edit. Enjoy creating awesome masterpieces in a digital way!

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