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Tips and tricks that make life easier for your clients

Once we’ve finished working on a project for a customer, they often don’t know what to do next. If its graphics, they aren’t sure what to do next, and if it’s a website, they aren’t sure how to check the analytics. This results in un-needed friction between our clients and us worsening the relationship.

Tips and Tricks


When it comes to our graphic design and branding jobs, we often create templates that are Canva-friendly. This way, once we have finished working with the client, they can create social media content with the templates easily and without much trouble. This does require the client to have some knowledge about Canva but is much better than handing them the RAW Photoshop or Illustrator files.

File notes

To give clients an idea of what they can do with the various files we hand over, we also include notes for each one. This reduces the amount of extra time we have to spend talking to the client after the job is complete and makes it more efficient for the client to start using all the graphics they’ve just paid for.


When it comes to our web development projects, we will set our clients up with a Jetpack-connected account that lets them look at basic analytics they often want to see. This includes which pages are getting views, where the users are coming from (location & location on the web), and what links users are clicking on. We also load our websites with Google Analytics, but it requires research to use it to the fullest, especially with the launch of Google Analytics 4.

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