Visual Strategy – Colours

Visual Strategy Colours Branding restaurant bar café

Welcome back to our series on Branding. So far we have finished laying the foundation of our company by giving thought to the what, why, who and how. So how do we now sell our brand to potential buyers? Our first step is with Visual Strategy – Colours.

Importance of colours and fonts in branding

colour font branding business Perth Graphic Design Web Design restaurant bar café

When it comes to branding your business the two most important things would be colour and font choice, as they are able to dictate the way possible customers feel about your business even before they interact with it in any way. Let’s take a look at what different colours and fonts mean when it comes […]

Colour psychology in marketing

Colour psychology marketing Perth Graphic Design Web Design restaurant bar café

Colour psychology can be useful for marketing. Understanding how your target audience feels or reacts to certain colours will help you in your selection. Below you will find a list of colours and how they are commonly perceived. However you MUST identify your target audience before using colour psychology for your marketing efforts. Black is a popular colour in […]