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Seetal came to Platinum99 ready to establish a brand for Petite Monk.

She felt like they had so much information from reading, researching, and signing up to different courses—but they didn’t know what to do first. They had emails but they weren’t set up yet and they were already doing design but there was an unclear direction and path moving forward.

There was more that this business could grow into and she was passionate about this vision. She was ready to share her purpose to the world through this brand!


The biggest thing was knowing exactly what to say in her marketing and copywriting.

Initially, it was unclear what kind of content she needed to share, she was sharing everything which made her and her followers confused!

She did not know the keywords to use on her FB ads, website, and the hashtags to use for her IG content.

It was the CLARITY from brand strategy that moved her forward.

When we finally tapped into her ideal client, the content pillars became clear. It was beyond just talking about ‘bags’ and kids’ but to touch on how Petite Monk can help parents create a sense of calm and organisation, and to not be an overwhelmed parent by everything that is happening around us.


The brand story became the centre of the brand strategy and creative direction

We formed their brand story for their website and marketing, and used this brand story on so many pieces of Petite Monk’s marketing strategy. Even the team of photographers and videographers would also refer back to this creative direction, to see what pictures we wanted for the brand.

With clarity on the ideal client and the brand story, we now know which places Petite Monk needs to target and map out where to put up and show off this brand. Is it the local community expo that’s happening? Is it the online space? We dived into this through the brand strategy.


The four keywords for the brand identity are functional, simple, minimal, and clean

From the get-go, we wanted a brand identity that was appealing to both genders, but still showing that it’s a kid-friendly bag. And then we wanted a monk and a baby figure to align with the brand name.

So we looked at different colour palettes, and focused on the ones that shouts ‘minimalist’ and ‘gender neutral’. From there, we ended up with this warm and clean colour palette. We went with 1 typeface to be used across all the brand touch points.

I thought branding was just about getting the colours and font right. But I learnt so much more from you Praveen about the depth of branding. There are phrases and words that I use till today that makes advertising so much easier for me. I don’t need to think about how to reach my customers because you had explained it to me in details. Also, even after having everything I needed, your continued comments and guidance on everything I put out helped me learn to manage my brand myself. So thank you, from the Petitemonk family. 🤗


Want to feel confident about your brand and get clear on your brand direction?

Maybe you’re wondering where your next client is coming from and how to communicate your message to them. Or perhaps you don’t know who they are. If this is where you’re at, brand strategy is really essential for you. Know why you exist and know the impact. When you get clear on who you are, this will bring you the confidence you need to reach your BIG brand goals!!

We got you and we’re ready to partner with you!

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