Just Fluffy. Stuff for Pets. Perth WA | Branding Portfolio | Platinum 99

What’s one thing that will get you to connect with your dream clients?

AUTHENTICITY. This Brand is one that is the epitome of authenticity. Being a pet accessories brand, her tone of voice, style, elements and colours is new, fun and colourful.

Danika started Just Fluffy because of her love for animals. She wanted her branding to give off a cheeky, playful, over casual feel using bold statement font. As you can see – it’s clear, simple, and not complicated at all. Follow @justfluffypets on Instagram and she will not only provide you with pet accessories but will review pet products for you! (How cool is that 😎)

Her wit and love for fat cats definitely rubbed off on the rest of the Platinum 99 team. Don’t you just love him?

Branding is NOT just your logo or your colour scheme. It’s what represents you, makes you unique, and builds trust.

When I think of a pet – My mind immediately thinks of a puppy. It’s been so cool creating artwork involving a cat this time! Are you a cat person or a dog person? 🐱 🐶