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We took a good couple of months to build and ponder over the design, UI/UX before we launched version 1.0

With the help of our marketing specialist, our catchy graphics and memes – which were all done in house – Cric Zumo gained a large number of followers instantly. We began with 500 free daily credits to our users and their numbers just grew.

The 2018 Indian Premier League was around the corner and we decided to announce gift prizes. We posted daily graphics and updated our social media platforms constantly.

Little did we know that this was going to be Cric Zumo’s moment of craze.

Not expecting it, our system crashed – we couldn’t contain thousands of users on our platform at the same time.

This was when we realized we could spend and upgrade version 1.0.

We have improved UI/UX; we made sure that we had much more details on our scoreboards and odds, a chat system, a helpline and of course a platform that could carry thousands of users at a go.

This year with over 25 000 active users  – Cric Zumo has been rated by Appgrooves as one of the best fantasy cricket apps!

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