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Saraswati Learning Centre

One of the greatest joys of working in a digital design company is to give a voice to the ones that
want to be heard in this online world. We had an amazing and humbling opportunity to work
with Saraswati Learning Centre, a non-profit organization in Indonesia that provides training and
programs for children with special needs. They wanted a clean, yet informative, professional
website that highlights the team, campaigns, and products that the kids had produced.

Their website aims to inform and educate their visitors to the programs that they provide, ways
to contribute or donate, their campaigns and method of education. Saraswati Learning Center is
now one of the leading centers for special needs education in Indonesia.
For Saraswati Learning Centre, the layout that we’ve used has a basic design to elevate their
content with a simple interface making their content pop. We also have implemented bold
buttons to generate leads and clear call-to-action and social media buttons to encourage social
media follows and shares.

Every website that we design is mobile-optimized and SEO friendly. Interesting fact: According
to CNBC, 72.6% of online users will rely on their mobile phone to browse the web for
information by 2025. Also, did you know, 75% of visitors place their judgment on a business’s
credibility rather than their website design. On the Homepage, we had put up the image of their
whole team, including kids. Besides that, we’ve also included video testimonials to increase their
organization’s transparency, credibility, and website visitor’s trust. Plus, their fun activities and
efforts are far too precious not to be shared with the world!

If you want to get your website done professionally, we are always ready to get the job done for
you. We are a Perth based website and graphics design company but we’ve completed website
projects from different countries too! Our clients are mainly start-ups, small to medium
businesses, so we understand how overwhelming this is for you, and that is okay. Just send us an
email if you have any questions at [email protected] and we will reply to you as soon
as possible. Cheers!

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