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How to Develop a Unique & Memorable Brand Identity in 2022

The Importance of Creating a Strong Brand Identity

It’s no secret success is tough to find in today’s competitive business environment. Followers are a fickle breed, so whether you run a small agency or a national ecommerce brand, a unique brand identity is so important for not only attracting customers, but keeping them!

Brand identity should capture the heart and soul of your company, creating a personality that everyone wants to talk to, all while making you stand out from those dull competitors…

What is Brand Identity?

While logos are valuable, brand identity development covers so much more. It should encapsulate your company values, sum up what you want to say as a brand, and most importantly, how you want your audience to feel when they interact with you!

What Does an Example of a Strong Brand Identity Look Like?

A powerful brand identity is one that can be recognised with a single glance, or summed up in one word. A single yellow, curved ‘M’ immediately makes you want to rush out and grab a McDonalds burger (just me?!), and one glimpse of Coca Cola’s brand of red can be enough to make anyone salivate.

How to Create Your Brand Identity

Putting together an effective brand identity means using focus and consistency in bucketloads. It’s only through super recognisable prompts that potential customers will actually remember you when looking to buy – think eye-catching aesthetics, unique visual assets, and clear, contemporary values. Which begs the question, how can I create a whole visual identity for a brand?

1. Develop Your Brand Strategy

This means setting out clear guidelines for the entire company to use – and we mean everyone! Making sure each employee understands your purpose, ethos and values, voice and personality, and what your visual assets should represent, means your customers will too. 

2. Research Your Audience, Value Proposition & Competition

Without knowing what kind of person you’re trying to connect with, it’s going to be tough to hold their attention. Once you know your audience, it’s so much easier to figure out which platforms to find them on, as well as what to say – and what not to say! With plenty of competitors out there, knowing your position is key to standing out.

3. Determine What Visual Assets You Need

Start with a colour palette and a logo, and use these to put together a complete visual language. Think about fonts, imagery, photos, video, icons, and web design, making sure they’re used cohesively across all mediums.

4. Create Your Unique Voice

It’s so important to only post quality stuff. Filler content will be swiped by in 2 seconds, and pointless memes will just distract from your message. Figure out what your company’s personality is, and the best voice and language to use will follow! A great tip is using a storytelling approach to build emotional connections.

5. Design Your Elements & Build a Brand Style Guide

Brand identity development is all about building familiarity. Social media is a great platform, where visual elements become powerful assets, as long as they remain consistent! Spend time thinking about things like your colour palette, design style, illustrations, and which fonts work for both primary and secondary type. 

Mash all these details together (stylishly of course..) into a brand style guide. This gives everyone clear directions to follow on all things visual and branding, and it can easily be updated to keep up with those ever changing style trends.

If you’re asking yourself “what visual assets do I need for brand identity?”, get in touch with our Perth based digital design company Platinum 99 today.


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