Having a strong and distinctive brand can help your business in so many ways: 1. It helps you stand out from your competitors and make a memorable impression on potential customers ✨ 2. A strong brand can help build trust with your customers ✨ 3. A unique brand can help you establish a connection with […]


What happens when your business feels aligned to who you are as a person and the impact you want to make? Literally MAGIC. Because once you can communicate your special sauce, you stand out. The life brought into this brand exists and is portrayed here because of the life the biz owner has and the […]

Jacob Pihema

How did we help bring out Jacob Pihema (the big Polynesian singer’s) brand to life?   We listened and asked questions, always with the end in mind (what would he like to accomplish through this new roll out?) We clarified the nature of his client attraction factor and why his clients bought his services, Explored […]

Sports Guru

Meet the one of the most sports betting platform in Indonesia. This is their story of coming back to their roots and reviving a business that was in crisis due to the pandemic.   What if the best thing you can do for your business is go back to what’s most fundamental: genuine, human interaction? […]

Petite Monk

Petite Monk Say hello to your new favourite nappy bags for modern minimalist parents!! As a new Mom and Dad, Seetal and her husband struggled to find the perfect nappy bag for them. They found it hard to just settle for any bag for the sake of fulfilling a ‘new parent’ list of things to […]

Mejutation Society

Mejutation Society With rising mental health issues in the FIFO community, she wanted to help them by teaching meditation as a tool to help cope and overcome their mental struggles. But she had no idea where to start. We went on a discovery call and asked her a few questions such as 🎯 What does […]

Multiframe Media

Multiframe Media Multiframe media have been in the photography industry for a while now under a different name.

 They had a vision to share their passion and expand their clientele but needed guidance and clarity on how to do so.

 They came to us wanting help in rebranding their business, and reposition themselves as the […]

Rad Reels

Rad Reels This client is a service-based business that has been operating for about a year. After deciding that she wanted to create a new product suite, she approached us for help with branding her new membership to help her stand out and attract customers for her launch. We are so obsessed with the brand […]

Pawty Co

Pawty Co Pawty Co came to us as she was confused with her brand. She had trouble coming up with colours, typography and elements that would represent her business. We came in to help her create a set of branding guidelines that embodied Pawty Co as a fun pet accessories brand.  We also created social media […]

Just Fluffy. Stuff for Pets.

Just Fluffy. Stuff for Pets. Perth WA - Branding Design Portfolio - Platinum 99

Just Fluffy. Stuff For Pets We had the pleasure of working with Danika, the woman behind this quirky, colourful brand @justfluffypets in Perth, Australia. What’s one thing that will get you to connect with your dream clients? AUTHENTICITY. This Brand is one that is the epitome of authenticity. Being a pet accessories brand, her tone of […]