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Welcome back to our series on Branding. So far we have finished laying the foundation of our company by giving thought to the what, why, who and how. So how do we now sell our brand to potential buyers? Our first step is with Visual Strategy – Colours.

A study performed by the University of Loyola found that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

Colour is an important first step when looking at your visual strategy, it plays various roles in getting the attention of customers and ensuring they remember you through your visual branding.

Why Are Colours Important?

Colours are an important part of your visual strategy as they allow for an emotional connection to your brand. Different colours make people feel different things and if they can feel joy and comfort through your brand, they are more likely to come back. Colours can also conjure up images, memories and experiences as well as being linked socially to our class, status or wealth.

How to Choose Your Colours

Choose your primary colour. We warn you though, it can be harder than it sounds, our focus colour here at P99 is blue (#0acefb to be exact). Take a look at the the colours below. Do you think and feel the same as the descriptions for each of the colours? Do you think your customers will too?

Black – is often used to evoke luxury, modern, powerful, elegant, and sophisticated feeling among a brands’ customers.

White – is often used to ensue simplicity, minimalistic, high-end, and a pure feeling with brands’ customers.

Red – is used in branding that aims to ensue excitement, energy, and passion amongst a brands customers.

Orange – is often used to give customers an enthusiastic, warm creative, and a playful feeling when looking at a company’s branding.

Yellow – is used when a company is wanting to associate its brand with happiness, optimism, and a cheerful feeling when coming in contact with the brand.

Pink – is often used to give off a romantic, exciting, love, and playfulness feeling to a brands’ customers.

Purple – is used to give a feeling of royalty, upper class, and a majestic feeling amongst its customers when they are engaging with the brand.

Blue – is a colour that gives off a calming, trustworthy, and a stable feeling for brands’ customers.

A secondary or neutral colour compliments the first one. For this we can try a few options to help us choose a colour that works well. One way to do this would be to use a colour palette, which would give you some idea of where to start. For a great complimentary colour, don’t be shy. Go for a contrasting colour on the opposite of your colour wheel spectrum for a powerful look.

Here are a few examples for you to take a look at and get some inspiration.

You could also try extracting gradients from images that already exist. Find an image similar in colour to yours and then use it as a tool to guide your colour choices.

If you would like a copy of our Platinum 99 Colour Wheel Guide, or need some help combining the colours you want to use for your brand, please email us at [email protected] and we will only be too happy to guide you through it.

Over the next coming weeks, we will be offering some advice on ways to help brand your business through Visual Strategies such as Websites and Social Media. If you would like to get in contact with us, please do so using the above email – our consultations are always free.

Thanks for reading!

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