Some Guidelines

Guidelines for your Brand

Most organizations use brand guidelines as a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand.

Brand guidelines can contain sections on:

  • Brand identity (mission, core values, personality, tone, elevator pitch, etc.)
  • Brand assets and the appropriate use of them (logo, colour palette, typeface, spacing, backgrounds, etc.)

Brand guidelines are a very useful resource when rebranding or starting a new company as a way of communicating with current and prospective customers within your target audience. 

They are a set of rules to create a unified identity when connecting multiple elements within your brand, such as colours, your logo, and your typography.

Here, you will find Platinum 99’s Brand Guidelines. We encourage companies to have a brand guidelines so that you too can :

1. Maintain consistency
2. Express your professionalism and reliability
3. Connect with your intended audience
4. Be recognizable
5. Keep you brand cohesive amongst your employees

So whether your brand is an old company or a new brand, consider creating a brand guide. It will help in organisation, communication and the overall image of your business. 

Platinum 99 can help you create yours – get in touch!

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