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Welcome back to our series on Branding. So far we have finished laying the foundation of our company by giving thought to the what, why, who and how. So how do we now sell our brand to potential buyers? Our second step is with Visual Strategy – Logos.

Branding is not the same as your logo. A logo is the graphic identity of a company. Its purpose is to identify the products or services offered while differentiating them from the competition. It is a name represented graphically through typography, a symbol, or a combination of both.

On the other hand, a brand is the discourse of the company, it is everything that represents it both with tangible assets such as products, logos and uniform or intangible assets such as attention, quality and price. The brand is not what you say, but what the public perceives of you. So the logo is just one of the components of the brand.

Branding is not an easy process, which cannot be carried out by a single designer, but by a team together with the owners of the company, and it takes time and dedication. This team seeks to positively develop the reputation of brands, products and organizations, aligning them with the objectives of the organization and the target audience.

So the makeup, however well done it is, does not deceive the consumer. It is best to wash your face and review the concepts. While a logo is important it is also important to display your tagline alongside your logo. This helps with your brand creating an visual identity that customers will become known with.

The logo types

As we briefly mentioned above, there are three types of logos, typography, symbol, and a combination of both. The logos are used for different things and help your business be visually known. Let’s take a look at all three and use our P99 logo as an example.


The typography logo is often your company’s name written out, for example here at P99 our topography type logo is just our name, ‘Platinum 99’. This type of logo is often used on


The symbol is often used by brands around the world that have a large presence, such as Nike with its tick. This logotype consists of an icon or character, this can include an animal or in our case a condensed version of the Platinum 99 typography logo. In our case here at P99, our symbol is ‘P99’. You will often find the symbol on products virtual and physical.


A combination of the above. This logo type is often used on brand’s websites, marketing materials, products and internal documents. This logo type is especially great to use as it allows customers to associate a visual logo with the name of a brand, allowing the brand to use the isotype logo in the future.

Take a look around our website and social media accounts and have a look at the various versions of our logo we use.

Over the next coming weeks, we will be offering some advice on ways to help brand your business through Visual Strategies such as Websites and Social Media. If you would like to get in contact with us, please do so using the above email – our consultations are always free.

Thanks for reading!

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