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Dark mode wallpapers for WhatsApp

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Dark mode has recently taken off with many of the apps we use every day supporting dark mode in one way or another. iOS and Android also have dark mode built right into them as well. Today we will be focusing on WhatsApp and sharing some wallpapers that go perfectly with WhatsApp’s built-in dark mode.

We have shared some of our wallpapers below captured using various drones. A majority of the photos have been captured on the coast of Perth, Australia, capturing everything from boats, canoes to lonely buoys in the middle of the ocean.

When taking these images we aimed to bring out the natural colours and gradients found within the oceans around Australia. We’d love to see you using our images, so if you do make sure you send a screenshot of your device with the wallpaper and we’ll be sure to share it on our Instagram account!

Be sure to download the wallpapers via this link or head over to our Instagram account to screenshot them directly from our story and follow for some other great content!

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