Tips and tricks that make life easier for your clients

Tips tricks clients

Once we’ve finished working on a project for a customer, they often don’t know what to do next. If its graphics, they aren’t sure what to do next, and if it’s a website, they aren’t sure how to check the analytics. This results in un-needed friction between our clients and us worsening the relationship. Tips […]

The basics every good DIY website needs

basics every good website needs

When customers come to us to work on their website, we often have to fix frustrating issues created by developers who previously worked on the website. Resulting in all sorts of issues and unexpected bumps along the road. To help businesses worldwide, we have listed some of the most important basics every good website needs. […]

Communication is key! Have you ever felt misunderstood?

Communication key misunderstood

Communication is something we at Platinum 99 feel is key for our clients and ourselves to thrive, and we think this goes for all businesses as well. Working with clients, communication is needed every day to keep both you and the client on the same page. We find when working on graphic design and branding […]

How to get your content to reach more people with SEO keywords

content social media reach

You’ve begun creating content for social media but can’t seem to get it to reach people on the platforms you use. Search engine optimization or SEO is important to get your website in front of potential clients and customers when it comes to social media, specifically Instagram, hashtags are just as important. How to choose […]

Want to stand out on social media? A re-brand will help you

social media re-brand

Ever feel like you don’t want to show off your brand or tell people about it? This could mean you are no longer a fan of your own branding. The best thing to do in these situations is to take a step back and ask yourself if a re-branding can help the problem. Every brand […]

Unified branding is key to a successful business

unified branding business

It’s important to have unified branding that spans over everything your company business uses or does to make customers more comfortable when interacting with your brand. By this, I mean having the same logo and colours across your social media accounts, website, and physical products. Recent branding client We recently worked on the branding of […]

Control your customer experience using a website hierarchy

customer experience website hierarchy

While working on websites, we often see important pages hidden behind other pages rather than being on the menu. That’s why this week we are taking a look at the hierarchy of a website and the importance of structuring it correctly. This also compliments last week’s topic we discussed, speeding up your customer’s journey. What […]

4 easy steps to improve your customer journey

improve customer journey

Having a website for your business is important, but pointless if your customers can’t find anything on it. Today we are taking a looking at how you can improve your customer journey on your website and ways you can speed it up, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. What […]

Easy steps to fully book your bar or restaurant by having a website

bar restaurant website

Last week we shared five reasons your bar, restaurant, or café needs a website in the current world. This week we are back again with five more reasons, giving you a total of ten points for having a website. We find that many people aren’t interested in a website as they think social media and […]

Why your bar or restaurant NEEDS a website in 2020

A website is an important asset to have, especially if you are a bar, restaurant, or café. We find that many people aren’t interested in a website as they think social media and review website is good enough. It’s NOT. Below are some of the reasons we have found to be important over the years. […]