We are a digital design company based in Perth, Western Australia with a highly experienced team from all around the world who are committed to creating innovative digital design solutions to help businesses both great and small to realise their full advertising potential.
We will work with you to create logos, websites, social media banners and signage to ensure your business looks as good, or even better, than you want it to! ​

Feel free to contact us to ask questions or discuss anything else you might need today!

Meet the Team


Praveen is the brand and marketing manager of Platinum 99. She moved to Perth a year ago, when she begun her journey at P99. It’s been one hell of a ride, learning, growing, creating and designing. What she loves most about her job is the team – we are a bunch of crazies who complement each other oh so well! Other than the love for her job – she loves children, coffee, chocolate and chillies!


Evangel is Platinum 99’s Marketing Coordinator. Evangel used to be a freelance graffiti and mural artist before pursuing her career in Marketing back in her hometown. She had completed several projects for one-time events such as festivals and community events.


Tanya is the Administration & Finance Manager at Platinum 99. Tanya has worked in Corporate Finance over the last 20 years for some of the most recognisable national and international companies including Intercontinental Hotels Group, Maunsel Engineering, Pickles Auctions and Kareelya Property Group.


Ella is the Graphic Designer here at Platinum 99.In her spare time she likes to work on her lettering and illustration skills, as well as baking and playing with her pet birds.