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5 Actionable Strategies for Social Media Branding

Branding in the Age of Social Media

Why is social media branding important? Well, do you remember life before social media? Neither do we! These online platforms forced a kind of revolution onto companies’ marketing strategies; all of sudden there’s a way to speak to customers directly, and promote products at the same time. An advertising exec’s ‘dream come true’!

We all know that social media has since become an insanely competitive field. So many well planned branding campaigns and out-of-the-box outreach strategies make it tricky to stand out from the crowd, and attract the right audience. In order to succeed, you have to nail some branding fundamentals…

An Introduction to Brand Building Through Social Media

So, what can you do right now to improve your company’s branding in this intense social media age? The most valuable points to remember start and end with consistency and focus. Brand building is all about grabbing the attention of your desired audience, and figuring out how to keep it!

Pushing products on people through cynical campaigns just doesn’t work anymore (the woke generation y’all), so you need to spend time developing brand awareness online; figuring out the best ways to stand out from the crowd, and keep all those new followers engaged. With people of all ages using social media to consider purchases on, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

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1. Understand & Connect With Your Audience

Knowing who you are trying to speak to, and what interests them, is the key to reaching the right customers. As well as knowing where to find them in the first place! Then the real work begins; building relationships and talking regularly with followers. Building brand loyalty is all about connection, so respond quickly to comments and DMs, and keep on posting that great content your followers love.

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2. Consistent Visual Branding

Branding on social media is all about consistency because, with so many competitors, followers and potential customers need repetitiveness to remember you. Colours, fonts, photos, and designs should all be part of your cohesive visual branding. We can’t stress enough how worthwhile it is to figure out your ideal aesthetic early on, because after that it’s all about using it in slightly different ways, again, and again, and again!

3. Establish Your Voice & Tone

It may seem weird to think of your brand as having a personality, but figuring out who ‘they’ are means the best tone of voice and style of language to use will come a lot easier! Use this personality across all channels, for content and captions, and listen to what your audience responds best to. 

4. Create Attracting & Engaging Social Media Content

There is a time and a place for corporate language, and social media is not it! Anyone on social media knows only too well that natural, conversational content is a hell of a lot more appealing than marketing jargon. Don’t be afraid to use colloquial language, and harness the power of storytelling. However, don’t get carried away – keep those memes not related to business goals for your personal page.

5. Stay Active & Post Regularly

Consistency really is king when it comes to brand building through social media. It’s a super powerful yet fickle platform, so posting regularly has to be done to keep your audience’s interest. Make a content schedule, and follow it closely. Oh, and make your life easier by setting reminders to post at the best time of day for your followers!

To learn more about the power of social media branding, and how your company can take it to the next level, get in touch today with Platinum 99!


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