PLatinum 99

Gold School Barber

Gold School Barber - Case Study

The goal of Gold School Barber logo was to combine three things – a barbershop, rock and roll, and a skull. The colour scheme requested by the client was black, red and gold.

We began the design process as usual – researching barbershop designs and rock n’ roll themes, getting some inspiration from vintage barbershops and 50s albums.

Using a skull with a trendy hairstyle allowed us to tie in the barbershop theme and make it clear that it is, in fact, a barbershop. The sketch-style illustration combined with the rough, textured background contributes to the rock and roll theme, along with the black background which ties everything together and allows the red and gold to really stand out and catch your eye.

Finally, the typeface is inspired by the 50’s, and of course uses gold, reflecting the title and adding a luxurious finish.